Welcome to Europamoto

Who or what is EUROPA MOTO ?


EUROPAMOTO is a gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts who share a common passion for travelling around Europe. It is a self-organized group led by volunteers.


New under its current name created in November 2015, Europamoto benefits from several years of experience from its previous life as the “cross border” division of CAP MOTO familiar to all Belgian motorcyclists. 

14 Rue du Fond des Mays
B-1300 Wavre
Belgique / Belgïe / Belgium / Belgien
TVA : BE 0659.335.229
IBAN : BE77 1430 9514 1442




Active member of CAP MOTO since the nineties

Trip organizer and road-book designer since 2009  with  CAP MOTO


In 2016, Paul gives himself a new challenge :

Pick up the European travel activities following the decision to branch out under a new name and a new logo with a design reminiscent of CAP MOTO who remains our partner.

Paul Steenbeek
+32 475 789 172

I have had the pleasure in recent years to take you with Pierre-Yves all over Europe to such countries as Germany, England, Scotland, Wales, Republic of Ireland, France, The Netherlands, Czechoslovakia to name but a few. And I thank you for the trust you have put in me.

So let’s continue in the same vain and kick off 2017 in style.


Our French to English translator


François Coulombeau
+32 475 59 59 24


EUROPAMOTO works in association with « RST TRavel and VOYAGES COPINE » for the travel arrangements… plus a few volunteers who have offered to give up some of their free time for odds and ends.